Custom Home Painting

Professional Painting Contractors specializing in Custom Homes

Over the years we have gained massive experience with painting projects of all types.  Our strength has shown to exceed when working on bigger projects such as 5,000 to 10,000 square foot homes in the Greater Toronto Area.  Our expert team the risks and requirements with quoting and managing a project of this magnitude.  Through our years of service we have developed a strategy that enables us to oversee all aspects of the project and enables us to deliver the painted house in a timely manner while maintain pristine quality.  These projects require a lot of attention to detail and because these are custom homes, there are usually a variety of different finishes and trims.  It is super important to make sure materials and quality maintain a high level of attention because we know your property is a important and personal piece that you cherish.

A Trusted, Reliable and Professional Painting Company

We are aware of our strengths and confident in handling any project size.  Our reviews and gallery speaks for itself.  Although we would love to take on all projects we know that we can only take on so much.  We are honest, trusted and a reliable painting company and will make sure to let you know a realistic timeline.

We treasure our good reputation and proudly stand behind all of our work, so you can enjoy complete confidence in the trust you place in us.